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  • Official Altis

    A volcanic island with a corrugated and mostly rocky landscape.

  • Custom BW Training Base

    A small desert terrain that is dedicated to training Blackwater contractors.

  • Custom Diyala

    A province in Iraq that begins near Baghdad and extends to the Iranian border.

  • Custom Fallujah

    A city terrain based on the Fallujah region of Iraq with houses, dams and bridges.

  • Custom Khoramshahr

    An arid micro-terrain of Iran with a number of cities and highways.

  • Custom Kunduz

    A detailed mountainous terrain based on a real area of Kunduz, Afghanistan.

  • Custom Lythium

    Tribal regions of Afghanistan with a large valley, cities and villages.

  • Official Malden

    Semi-arid, mountainous landscape with stubby trees and shrubbery.

  • Custom PR F.A.T.A

    Tribal region of Pakistan with mountainous terrain and populated villages.

  • Official Stratis

    A volcanic region with rocky crevices, steep valleys and vast pine forests.

  • Official Tanoa

    A South Pacific archipelago with tropical flora, dense jungle and rough terrain.