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Group Guidelines

No disrespectful communication, voice or text, will be allowed. Personnel identified as violating the community guidelines will be counseled by the command staff upon identification of the incident. Reporting of an incident can be made directly to the command staff or the commander at any time. Blackwater 1RS is an active-user-only group. Personnel that exceed three (3) operations will be messaged to identify a reason for absence. If a member exceeds five (5) operations with no verifiable contact will be automatically removed from the group.

Mandatory operations are conducted at 1930 CST on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A warning order will be issued 6 to 8 hours prior to the operation start time. All Blackwater personnel are to have TeamSpeak 3 loaded and active prior to mission start. Operations generally last 2 to 3 hours depending on the situation identified in the warning order. All Blackwater personnel must adhere to all warning orders issued by either the Commander/Command Staff prior to the operations start. The warning order will identify the area of operations, time, situation, and required equipment. For any comments, questions, or concerns about the information issued in the warning order please contact the Commander/Command Staff directly. All Blackwater personnel are to create loadouts as identified for their specific role. All Blackwater personnel are required to adhere to the equipment list issued by the Commander/Command Staff. This list identifies essential items necessary for all Blackwater Personnel for every operation. All Blackwater personnel are to adhere to the ROE, rules of engagement, as identified by the Commander/Command Staff. The ROE is updated after every contact incident and changes throughout the operation. Loss of equipment or destruction vehicles will be reported to either a team lead or the group leader identified for the operation. Any situation requiring medical attention will be reported to a Team Lead or Guardian representative on site.