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1st Red Squadron

The premier Arma unit for your security services needs including: security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services and more.

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Contractors holding a Ukrainian flag.
Contractors in a firefight.

Our Mission

Established in 2018, Blackwater’s 1st Red Squadron offers weekly Arma 3 operations in a variety of unique settings. We spend roughly a month on a single map with a different mission each week, ending with a finale. As a security contractor focused unit, we typically deal with security operations, aiding friendly military forces.

Laid Back

The goal of the unit is to offer military simulation that is enjoyable. Although we do follow a rank structure for missions, everyone speaks freely and plays on the same level. No one is treated differently. New members are brought up to speed quickly and involved in missions right away. All that we ask is that everyone remains humble and honest.

Contractors guarding a military convoy.

Current Mission

  • Operation Whiskey


    Members will proceed through the operational area. First one to finish will win $20 USD or a Blackwater patch.

    1st Red Squadron members holding a Ukrainian flag in front of a tank.
A sniper resting a rifle on a tripod.